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Scarano Brings Bad Permit Practice to Grimaldi's v. Grimaldi

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Last week, the city stopped Grimaldi's from moving to its new location?next door to its old location?after the owner made a late-night attempt to install a coal-fired oven not permitted by the pizzeria's permits. Not the kind of story that would normally snag our attention?until we came upon a familiar name in the Brooklyn Paper account of the goings-on. The architect responsible for the incorrect Grimaldi's permit? The one and only Robert Scarano. The paper explains:

Ciolli claimed that he hired Scarano to apply for a construction permit?but Scarano apparently only asked the city to approve the installation of a “pizza oven”; he never mentioned using coal. Scarano maintains that Ciolli really was installing a gas oven that simply uses coal for flavor.
“Unfortunately, he wasn’t finished and instead of telling everyone, he blamed my firm so we resigned,” Scarano said. “I wish him good luck. ? And hope he makes better pizza there."

Burn! But the joke's still on Scarano.
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