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Competition for Alternate St. Vincent's Triangle Aims to Honor AIDS Fight

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The Rudin Management-backed plan for St. Vincent's Triangle has been making the rounds at Community Board 2 since 2009, and while the most recent iteration by M. Paul Friedberg and Partners is pissing off the Villagers less than usual, plenty of activists think it could be done better. Enter an ideas competition to design a memorial park dedicated to the "recognition and preservation of the ongoing history of the AIDS crisis" and the 100,000 New Yorkers who have died from the disease.

The organizers—urban planners Paul Kelterborn (MASNYC) and Chris Tepper (Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation)—have, according to a rep from competition sponsor Architizer, "been forming a coalition of support from community stakeholders. The general sentiment is that Rudin is moving too fast with the redesign and this is an attempt to get them to reconsider what is possible." Architectural Record, another sponsor for the competition, reports that if all goes according to plan, they will complete construction (and have won over Rudin) by World AIDS Day on December 1, 2014. Proposals will be judged by a who's who of architectural engagement in the city, including World Trade Center Memorial designer Michael Arad, the High Line's Robbie Hammond, old-school starchitect Richard Meier, new-school starchitect Liz Diller, and more.
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