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Classic Brick Townhouse Suffers from Disappointing Interiors

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"No detail has been overlooked" in this townhouse on West 19th Street, but unfortunately few details have been properly executed. The Greek Revival house, which is currently asking $6.5M, was last sold in 2003 for just $1.5M. Apparently, the house underwent a significant renovation in the interim, but it was hardly what might qualify as a restoration. The floors and kitchen are all new, very little historic details remain in the interior, and some frankly shoddy looking new iron banisters line the staircase. There's no telling what the place looked like before the renovation, but given the low sale price, the place was probably in a shoddy state of disrepair. There are plenty of highlights, including a leafy backyard, cozy den, and huge dressing room, but are they enough to offset the lack of old-world detail?

· 362 West 19th Street [Corcoran]