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Villagers Slowly Coming to Terms With St. Vincent's Triangle

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Landscape architect Rick Parisi of M. Paul Friedberg and Partners returned to Community Board 2 last night for another round of discussion about St. Vincent's Triangle. This is the project that has already been through a few iterations since 2009, and the neighbors seemed happy (or at least happier) with the most recent version, a 15,102-square-foot park. Intern William Weber stopped by the meeting to take the community board's pulse. Still a matter of debate: whether the structures on the corner of the park can be moved and whether the materials are too much like those used in other NYC parks.
From the time the park is approved, it should take 30 months to complete, with the actual construction lasting for about 18 months. Consider this your heads-up, neighbors. The board will discuss the park again November 16.
?Reporting by William Weber
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