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How Two Chipotle Execs Turned Their Apartment Into Chipotle

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We thought actor Benjamin Bratt's old loft at 43 West 13th Street was pretty stunning already when Mark Crumpacker, head of marketing at Chipotle, picked it up for $2.5 million in early 2010. But Crumpacker and his partner Tim Wildin, also of Chipotle, weren't totally satisfied. They brought in Thaddeus Briner of Architecture Outfit, the same firm behind many Chipotle outposts, to redo the place. They spent $800,000 opening up the living and dining areas, soundproofing one wall and the ceiling, and hiding Bratt's cast-iron columns. Some of the new features are suspiciously Chipotle-esque, including "the large walnut-clad volume that sits off-center in the space, stopping just sort of the ceiling," the Times points out. "It bears an uncanny resemblance to the free-standing plywood forms Mr. Briner designed to contain restrooms and drinks stations at the restaurants." The one thing the apartment is woefully lacking is burritos, so we took the liberty of adding one.

And here's what the place looked like before:

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43 West 13th Street, New York, NY