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The Laureate Bets Sales Streak on Three New Penthouse Ponies

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The Laureate—the Upper West Side's imitation pre-war building once described as "comfortable Westchester homes piled one on top of the other"—has been selling its $6 million-average spreads at a respectable pace. (We've already got one Limestone Jesus, but it would certainly qualify as a minor prophet.) Today brings three fresh listings to 2150 Broadway (all penthouses!), so meet units #PH4C, a 6-bedroom up for $12,174,00; #PH4B, a 5-bedroom listed at $9,347,000; and #PH5C, a 7-bedroom whopper asking $11,083,000. Which of these offers the most bang for the suburban-at-heart buck?

Just how many penthouses can fit into a 20-story building? These three join five other compatriots in the current sales offerings in addition to three more penthouses in contract. And though the entire building is 2/3 sold, with new $5+ million sales hitting the city records each week, only five penthouse units have sold to date, ranging from $8,500,000 for a 4-bedroom to $12,572,600 for a 5-bedroom.

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The Laureate

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