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Renovated Townhouse Returns to Market with 150% Price Hike

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Less than two years ago, this Upper West Side townhouse sold for a little less than $5M. Now it's back, after a renovation, asking no less than $12.5M. That must have been one hell of a reno to justify the 150% price increase, but the listing is remarkably short on photos, revealing little more than the facade and the glassy, double-height rear parlor. The 18-foot brownstone boasts an elevator, the potential for six bedrooms, a garden with built-in grill, and a master suite with two dressing rooms and terraced study. Normally, we'd bemoan the lack of original detail in this classic 1889 townhouse, but, judging from the earlier listing, this place was already halfway through an extensive remodel when the current owners scooped it up.

· 45 West 84th Street [Elliman]
· 45 West 84th Street [Streeteasy]

45 West 84th Street

45 West 84th Street, New York, NY