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Murray Hill Townhouse Demands $9 Million, Comes With B-Ball Court

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Move over 400 West Street, you're not the only game in town when it comes to townhouses with basketball courts. This East 38th Street townhouse just rolled onto the market asking $9,000,000 for its 8,000 square feet spread over 6 floors. A pretty ambitious price, especially when considering it's zoned as mixed use currently. Can the wonders of having your own half court offset the pain of fixing it up? Hard to say, unless someone is actually willing to use it as work/live. Even then, a pretty hefty price for Murray Hill. Don't feel too bad for the sellers if it sells under ask, they picked the place up for just $1,212,000 back in 1998.

Listing: 119 East 38th Street [Ardor]