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What the Newest Moinian Midtown Hotel Will Look Like

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The neighbors were already strong opposed to developer Joseph Moinian's plan for a hotel at 237 West 54th Street. They probably won't be any less strongly opposed now that they know what the hotel will look like. DNAinfo snapped an image of the rendering, shown at right, during a Community Board 5 subcommittee meeting last week: "a building set back from the curb, narrowing as it rises, and constructed of a material resembling brown brick."

The architect behind the choice of that brick-like material was reported to be Gene Kaufman, and Moinian would really like him to create a 34-story building. Unfortunately, the Department of Buildings has so far only approved a 27-story one. With a 67-story Marriott already coming to the corner of Broadway and 54th Street, everyone from neighbors to the DOB might be hard to persuade on this one.
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