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Secret Subway Platform Under Waldorf-Astoria, Revealed!

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We consider ourselves pretty well-versed in the secret, subterranean vaults of the MTA system, but little did we know that fancypants Midtown hotel the Waldorf-Astoria houses a long-disused subway track along with a private elevator frequented by Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Gothamist reports that Track 61 would deposit dignitaries (like Roosevelt, hiding the fact that he had polio) right into the bowels of the hotel and away from the public's prying eyes, via a special limo elevator. Later, proto-hipster Andy Warhol held a party there, and even later the hotel used the FDR train car for china storage. Now, this "Holy Grail for urban explorers" remains with car, elevator, dust, and squatter remnants intact.
· Photos: Visiting The Secret Subway Platform Beneath The Waldorf-Astoria [Gothamist]