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Karl Fischer Hits the Bigtime with Major Takedown in NYPost

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Scarano successor, architect of mediocrity, and "bête noire" of the Curbediverse Karl Fischer gets his own targeted takedown in today's New York Post. A Greek chorus of Fischer non-fans weigh in (a Cornell architecture professor, a real estate broker, Bowery Alliance of Neighbors member, Brooklyn Historical Society historian, and our very own Sara Polsky), tracing his trajectory from the early days in Montreal, to Hasidic housing along Kent Avenue, to the relatively "un-controversial" 2003 Gretsch Factory conversion. The megaproject that may have started it all is 2005's Schaefer Landing, the Williamsburg high-rise that the Post describes as "upsetting as much for its aesthetic mediocrity as for all it represented: rapid, irreversible gentrification, the death of romantic living in illegally converted lofts." Thankfully, it doesn't take observers to describe Hot Karl's own shortcomings; leave that to the man himself!

· On his destiny as an architect: "He never really felt a calling for architecture before, but says that, in high school, 'I enjoyed geometric shapes.'"
· On his signature style: “Even though many people say they recognize my style of architecture, personally, I don’t feel like I have one.”
· On criticism, sort of: “It’s hard to tell whether that’s people speaking from their heart or getting something off their chests. You always start out with the best intentions.”

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Schaefer Landing

440 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

20 Bayard

20 Bayard Street, Brooklyn, NY