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Hell's Kitchen's Costliest 1BR Rental Sits Atop Tunnel Traffic

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The rent on this 2,200-square-foot loft may have come down a touch since it was listed back in May, but, even relisted at $9,500 a month, this is still Hell's Kitchen's most expensive one-bedroom. Described as "ideally suited to a live work situation" in the brokerbabble, this airy, tin-ceilinged domicile is impressive, but the location is less so. Sure, sure, this sort of sprawl would cost many thousands more in Soho or Tribeca, but this particular block of West 36th is nearly perpetually backed up thanks to the rerouting of tunnel traffic. There is a saving grace: the absolutely enormous private roof deck. But that's only useful if all the honking and fumes don't keep the next tenants shuttered inside.
· 447 West 36th Street, #PH-6 [Streeteasy]