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Handicapping $3,200/Month Apartments Across New York City

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You may have heard its Renters Week in the Curbediverse, and between all the giving-away-rent and heat maps for where to rent now, we'll be doing some completely subjective price point comparisons. Here now, scanning rental listings for $3,200 per month. What can you get and in what neighborhood? Bargains: they're relative!
The Good: 1BR, 1BA at 505 West 37th Street #801 between 10th and 11th Avenues

Rent: $3,195 per month (no fee)
The Skinny: Luxury apartment near up-and-coming Hudson Yards that's close enough to the fray to benefit from eventual amenities (7 line extension, Thom Mayne-designed restaurant, breathless blog coverage) but not right on top of the construction. At 626 square feet it's not humongous, but the floor-to-ceiling windows make up for it. Also: firework watching!

The Bad: 2BR convertible, 1BA at 343 Lenox Avenue at West 127th Street (AKA Malcolm X Boulevard)
Rent: $3,250 per month
The Skinny: The former office of the Maysles brothers' film company (+5 for that!), this convertible 2BR might take a bit of work to get it into fighting residential shape. The bright red kitchen cabinets are also, ah, unusual. It faces Malcolm X Boulevard.

The Ugly: 3BR, 2BA at 1801 Dorchester Road and East 18th Street
Rent: $3,200 per month
The Skinny: It may be roomy, but if you're going to live out in Ditmas Park, you likely want a Victorian. Not a dark, dank apartment with zero crown molding.
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