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The Best and Worst New York City Listings on AirBNB

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AirBNB: go-to for everything from gorgeous short-term vacation rentals to awkwardly small (sorry, "cozy") shares and a treasure trove of hilarious and cranky renter reviews. What better way to kick off our first-ever Renters Week than with a tribute to the best and worst of AirBNB's listings for New York City? Here now, a small sampling of our favorites. Not surprisingly, Tribeca and Gramercy star on the best-of list. A word of advice for anyone planning to rent from the "worst" list: bring your own pizza cutter.

Five best:

5) A 2BR 2.5BA duplex in Tribeca with 18 foot ceilings, original hardwood floors, a brand new marble kitchen, and roof access. $1,000 per night.

4) A Williamsburg loft right on the East River with a great view of the Manhattan skyline and tons of amenities. It looks pretty great... as long as you can get past the big red YES thing.

3) A 6BR 4BA private mansion in Gramercy Park for $1,500 per night (that's $44,520 per month). Huge dining area, TV that looks like it's part of the wall, etc. Look at all the cabinets! You could fit so many plates in those cabinets! Bring all your plates!

2) A 3BR 3BA in Gramercy Park. Looks like a Tony Hawk level. The owner is a self-described workaholic who "never get(s) to enjoy my beautiful place with friends." Very high ceilings. $1,500 per night.

1) A 3BR 2.5BA Tribeca penthouse. Features Indonesian stone carvings, a living room with floor-to-ceiling windows, BBQ, hot tub, and more. And it's tough to argue with a teak dining day bed.

And now for the six worst (yup, we threw in a bonus listing):

6) The guy who lives in this apartment, which definitely has at least two walls and ceiling, is looking for a roommate (preferable gay (sic)).

5) Yup. Very large kitchen. Very well lit, too.

4) This is an air mattress in a woman's living room. We had to include it if for no other reason than the description she wrote:

We couldn't help but admire how few punches are pulled by this lady.

3) That wardrobe is a lot more comfortable than it looks.

2) This one we had to include for the horror story that a lady who stayed there wrote in the comments section. It's pretty lengthy, so we highlighted the best parts:


1) Hey! Air conditioning!

?Jeremiah Budin
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