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The Tribeca Loft with Metal Doors and a Swing for a Bed

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Here now, a classic TriBeCa loft conversion with ten-foot windows, a massive floorplan, and a swing for a bed. A what? The master bedroom in the 4BR unit #9B satisfies a certain taste, and it's not for your four-poster, lace-covered Upper East Sider. It has metal stairs leading up to a private terrace along one wall, and one side is bordered with sea green glass, visible from the master bath. And the bed is suspended by cables. Otherwise, the apartment is chock full of standard lofty goodness: the former Dietz Lantern factory was renovated to its bones, but left equipped with arched doorways, original stamped-metal fire doors, and 12 foot barrel-vaulted ceilings. The kitchen is decked out in more contemporary stainless steel, as is the living room's centerpiece, encased by floor-to-ceiling cement panels.

And if that's not fancy enough, the building's 5-bedroom penthouse is also for sale, offering a two-story library and a country-house-worthy swimming pool for a cool $22 million. Stationary beds, though.
· Listing: 429 Greenwich Street #9B [Corcoran]
· Listing: 429 Greenwich Street #PH [Streeteasy]