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St. Vincent's Building's Second Life as a Condo Starts Now

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Location: 130 West 12th Street
Size: 42 one-bedroom through four-bedroom apartments
Prices: $1.415 million to $8.195 million so far
Architect: Cook + Fox
Developer: The Rudin family
Sales & Marketing: Stribling Marketing Associates

After a bit of a tease, the former St. Vincent's Hospital building at 130 West 12th Street is finally ready to make it official: its condos are for sale. Feeling a bit of sticker shock at the numbers on the availability page? Us too. Aside from the location, the price probably has something to do with the emphasis on green features like the onsite cogeneration plant. Many of the photos on the building site are of the detail variety, but we've grabbed a few of the larger pics and floorplans for the gallery above. First impressions?
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130 West 12th St

130 West 12th Street, New York, NY 10011