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Handicapping $1,600/Month Apartments Across New York City

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Yesterday, we celebrated Renters Week by breaking down some $3,200/month apartments. We heard some bitching about only featuring high-priced rentals (please, have you seen the stats?) so today we're cutting the prices in half. If we continue at this rate, by Friday we're going to be looking at apartments that cost $200/month. Those places are going to be terrible! Let's all enjoy this while we can.

The Good: 2BR 1BA at 245A Bainbridge Street in Bedford Stuyvesant
Rent: $1,650/month (no fee, utilities not included)
The Skinny: Fully renovated with new appliances and some exposed brick, with a short walk to the train. This apartment just looks nice. It also has a skylight!

The Bad: 1BR on Quincy Street at Classon/Franklin in Clinton Hill
Rent: $1,600/month
The Skinny: It's difficult to tell from the pictures on the Craigslist listing whether this apartment has more than one room (or window), and it's described as "charming," which is broker talk for "tiny," we think. The floors look nice, though.

The Ugly: 2BR on Cumberland Street at Park Ave in Fort Greene
Rent: $1,599/month (no fee)
The Skinny: This one's Craigslist ad describes it as "chic," which seems accurate as long as you define chic as "has a bathroom that looks like something from A Clockwork Orange... in a bad way." Also, any pricing that ends in a ninety-nine is stupid. End of story.
-Jeremiah Budin
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