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The House That "Out-Suttoned Sutton Place" Now Up for Rent

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Off of Sutton Place, down at the dead end of Sutton Square, lies Riverview Terrace, a gated private drive lined with cobblestone. This secret lane is home to 3 Riverview Terrace, a 4,300-square-foot, four-bedroom townhouse that has been for sale for years without luck. The obscure location might be responsible for the lack of interest, but the high price hasn't helped either. The house was first listed back in 2009 for $19M and took several price chops before arriving at $13M. The owners have turned to renting the place out and are asking $39K per month for the privilege of deliveryman no-man's-land. There are, of course, positives, like the namesake river views, an elevator, rooftop deck, and a private garden located across the cobblestones from the front door.
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