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Even a Rear Corner Apartment at 15CPW Fetches $18.5K

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The Limestone Jesus, aka 15 Central Park West, has provided us here at Curbed with some top-dollar sales news, even at the height of the recession. It might be the very definition of a blockbuster development. If any further proof is necessary, just take a look at this two-bedroom rental, the cheapest currently available in the building. Situated in the northwest corner of the rear tower, the apartment has only a sliver of a Central Park view, and even that's only from the master bedroom. Plus, while the finishes are certainly up to snuff, the truth is the next tenant will be paying $18,500 per month to live above a Best Buy on Broadway, while simultaneously bragging to his or her friends that they live in one of the city's best buildings. Will that holier than thou price tag have to come down off the mount before this place leases?

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15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023