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Osborne's Fireplace-in-the-Bathroom Listing Returns for Less

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"The bathroom with a fireplace is back!" a tipster recently wrote to the Curbed inbox. The bathroom in question is located on the ninth floor of the Osborne on West 57th Street, and we haven't seen it since June 2009, when it hit the market asking $3.995 million. It looks like Hong Kong businessman Eric Hotung failed to sell the place, since the old listing was kicking around, with price fluctuations up to $6.5 million and down to $3.45 million, until June of this year. And now it is, in the words of our tipster, back?for the reduced-yet-again price of $3.3 million. The jade onyx entryway and mahogany floors Hotung added are still evident in the listing pics, and, yep, so is that fireplace in the bathroom.
· Listing: 205 West 57th Street [Sotheby's]
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The Osborne

205 West 57th Street, New York, NY