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A MacDougal Alley Studio Tucked Away Down the Secret Street

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Back in mid-November, when we dropped our map of New York's secret streets, there weren't any houses for sale or rent on the dead-end street just north of Washington Square Park known as MacDougal Alley. Now, a lofty, top-floor studio at 5 MacDougal Alley is up for rent for $2,950. It's not the largest studio in the city, but the high ceilings, sloped glass wall, and outdoor space help to make up for the three flights of stairs and tight floor plan. Plus, the new tenants will be living on the same block that once housed Jackson Pollack and Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney. That said, furnishing the place could be a bit of a challenge and the "mezzanine sleeping area" from the brokerbabble is nowhere to be found.

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