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Is Chinatown's "Chumbo" The Hot New Neighborhood Shit?

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Ah, to be young and in love with an "undiscovered" neighborhood and working on a movie with Winona Ryder. So begins the Wall Street Journal's latest foray into neighborhood naming, focusing on the "southern flank of Corlears Hook," the part of Chinatown across the river from Dumbo. And some of those young creative types have a name for their "avant-garde" nabe of choice: Chumbo.

A StreetEasy researcher quoted by the Journal estimates that cheap rent is available at an average $2,900 a month for a three-bedroom, while the nightlife dominating the Lower East Side is creeping southward, annoying longtime residents and forecasting an eventual uptick in prices.

A custom map search on StreetEasy yielded a whopping zero results for rentals in "Chumbo"; Craigslist didn't reveal much except for a $2200 under-renovation two-bedroom near Catherine Street and a handful of one- and two-bedrooms ranging from $1800-$3950.
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