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Join Curbed and the Food Bank of NY in 12 Days of Giving

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By this point in December, the holiday season can turn into one big blur of special dinners, restaurant reservations, holiday party planning, an inordinate amount of shopping, and a marathon of champagne swirling and cookie eating. So let's pause to put things in perspective with the help of The Food Bank of New York.

The charity, which helps the hungry of New York, just launched a campaign called "12 Days of Giving," a competitive food drive involving a number of New York media organizations attempting to raise funds for the needy people of NYC. The drive starts today and goes until Christmas Eve, and we sincerely hope that with the help and generosity of Curbed, Eater, and Racked readers, we can hit our $5,000 goal and destroy (in the best way possible) the likes of Blackbook, Flavorpill, and the rest. It's a win-win. To contribute, please visit the donation page here to donate three gallons of milk ($10), meals for one child for two months ($36), 120 pounds of chicken legs ($91), and more.
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