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Former Hair Salon Townhouse to Now Double as Art Gallery

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A tipster turned us on to 11 East 10th Street, a landmarked hair salon-turned-townhouse from architect Galia Solomonoff. We headed over to check it out and it is, indeed, adorable at three stories and 42 feet tall, with ample window boxes and a roof deck. According to Solomonoff's site, the redesign was commissioned by the owners (who are being no fun by keeping their identities hidden through an LLC) "to accommodate a growing family and to display a robust modern art collection." As such, the ground floor (the part that used to be a hair salon), seems to be a display room of sorts and is currently inhabited solely by four large stainless steel benches.
Some more archibabble:
The sturdy formality of the existing building informed the upper, more private floors, which were reconfigured to maximize art display, entertaining, and the growing family’s daily needs...New landscaping and an exterior stair to the upper floor reclaims the usefulness of the back yard, which has been connected to the interior by a new large sliding glass door. Benches:

And a fun staircase:

Sorry for being weird and taking pictures through your window, mystery art collectors and children.
?Jeremiah Budin