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Hotel Chelsea's New Owner Files to Evict 10 Residents

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The renovation of the Hotel Chelsea following its sale this summer has proven somewhat more controversial than anticipated: last week, there was even a fight between two of the hotel's permanent residents and a group of construction workers. Now, DNAinfo reports, an LLC representing new hotel owner Joseph Chetrit has filed motions to evict 10 tenants out of approximately 100 permanent Hotel Chelsea residents. The owner claims?according to the tenants' lawyer?that the tenants don't live in rent-stabilized apartments, which would open them up to eviction. That eviction could be directly related to the renovation: tenants' attorney Samuel Himmelstein believes Chetrit wants to evict one tenant to make room for a new elevator shaft. The eviction motions will be heard in housing court next week; the tenants' own environmental lawsuit against Chetrit goes to court Friday.
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