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Oak Room Contractor Ready to Flip Redone Candela Condo

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Apartment #10C at 44 East 67th Street is a bit of a rarity among Rosario Candela-designed properties: it's a condo rather than a co-op. It's also back on the market with a new broker after a PriceChop from $3.875 million to the current ask of $3.495 million. Either way, the ask is notable: the property last sold for $2.35 million just last year. So why the mark-up? According to the brokerbabble, the place is "newly renovated" by Robyn Karp Interiors. And the seller, who appears to be the same Isaac Fhima who renovated the Plaza's Oak Room, is no stranger to flips, with another one in the neighborhood already under his belt.

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