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Union Protestors Hand Out Flyers, Put Up Rats at Hotel Chelsea

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Local 79 set up shop with a couple union rats this morning outside the Hotel Chelsea to protest landlord Joseph Chetrit using non-union contractors Marge NY Inc. to perform demolition work. We headed over to snap a few pictures and then borrowed a few more from the Flickr account of a guy who has a nicer camera and knows about photographic things like "angles" and "light."
The flyers that protestors were handing out to passersby mentioned last week's altercation:

"Marge N.Y. Inc. is notorious for exploiting workers. The result of this is the tenants in the Chelsea Hotel have to live in a dangerous environment. Not only do they fear for their health, but their personal safety also. One of the tenants was attacked by a gang of unorganized construction workers for being concerned for the safety of the tenants living in the building and of the dangerous work that's being performed." ?Jeremiah Budin
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