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Opponents of DoBro Historic District Down to Their Last Chance

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The Landmarks Preservation Commission approved the Borough Hall Skyscraper Historic District, composed of 21 "architecturally distinctive" office buildings in Downtown Brooklyn, in September. But the district needs the final approval of the City Council, set to hold a hearing on the plan tomorrow?and the district's opponents aren't quite ready to let this one go. Their argument, according to the Journal: the district would cost the buildings' owners another $4.7 million over the next five years as they bring their buildings up to landmark standards. The residents of 75 Livingston Street, the primary (and slightly cranky) residential property in the district, would probably need to spend another $25,000 on top of the repairs they're already doing. The LPC, on the other hand, argues the landmarking stabilizes (or increases) property values and can make buildings eligible for tax benefits. Your call, City Council!
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