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$7.5 Million 40 Bond Townhouse Sells for Just $4.5 Million

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Townhouse 4 at 40 Bond has been a bit of a disappointment compared to its brethren in the building. The apartment sold in 2008 for $7,560,506 and returned to market for a mere $7.5 million this summer. We soon got an inkling as to why: the townhouse was scheduled for a foreclosure auction in September, with a lien of $6,868,664, and it was cited in musician Sly Stone's lawsuit against his ex-manager, accusing him of misappropriating Stone's assets to buy real estate. The auction took place on November 16, according to PropertyShark, and the property has sold to an LLC with a Connecticut address for $4.5 million. 40 Bond, please don't disappoint us like this again.

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40 Bond Street

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