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Big Reveal: A 3BR Loft With Options in Chelsea

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And now, the results of this week's PriceSpotter asking price guessing game.

This week's guessers zeroed in almost immediately on the price of the top floor 3BR loft at 130 West 17th St., which is $2.95 million. That column in the center of the living area was a real problem for one of you, and it will heretofore be known as the "$1 million pole" around the Curbed office. The strongest interest among guessers this week, however, was how much this particular property would be worth if it was someplace that was not Chelsea. To wit: $3M+ if it were in SoHo, $7M+ in Tribeca, and $100Googleplex (that's a lot!?!) on Bond Street. But 130 West 17th is in Chelsea; it is next door to the Rubin Museum; and as the first commenter pointed out: one of the best Housing Works outposts is nearby.
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