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A Little Off The Top At Proposed Chelsea Market

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A new set of renderings for Jamestown's proposed Chelsea Market expansion project shows a slightly shorter, more low profile view of the site between 9th and 10th Avenues. There was some criticism when Jamestown Properties unveiled its initial plans back in March. The addition of a glassy box on top of the old Nabisco factory shocked some as being too out of character with the surrounding neighborhood. The new plans reduce the overall height from 250 feet to 226 and cut the number of office space floors from ten to 9. A setback is also included in the new design to reduce the perceived height of the structure. Will this be enough to mollify critics? The release of the new renderings appears to be in response to a hearing held Monday by CB4 that included drawings of Jamestown's project without the setbacks, so the battle for public opinion continues.
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