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SHoP Shares Early Plans for South Street Seaport Makeover

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We've been waiting months for word on the redevelopment plan for South Street Seaport, which newish owner Howard Hughes Corp. still hopes to spruce up with a large-scale makeover from the architects at SHoP. The Tribeca Trib has some preliminary details: the current mall would be replaced by a glassy three-story structure with a roof garden, 25,000 square feet larger than the current 205,000-square-foot space. The building would still contain retail, but it would, unlike the current structure, have water views. And the retail range will apparently be more "unique" than the shops currently occupying the mall. The architects are still deciding which of several glass facades to use, but they did share a few definite design details with Community Board 1 this week:

The ground floor of the structure would be open on the sides, but have glass doors that swing down like garage doors to enclose the space in bad weather, Hovitz said. The upper levels would have glass walls, and one of the renderings showed cables providing support and giving a bridge effect to the design, according to Hovitz.

On the north side of the mall, formerly the location of the Water Taxi Beach and currently the Beekman Beer Garden, Howard Hughes proposes to remove the sand and install trees and benches to create an open public space.

CB 1 members tell Tribeca Trib there's currently no larger tower attached to the plan. That comes later, once Howard Hughes has gotten financing for the project. In the meantime, Community Board 1 is set to get a public presentation of the retail plan in February. Renderings of this project have vaulted to the top of our holiday wishlist, and we'll take 'em at the tipline.
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