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How Courtney Love Redecorated Her West Village Townhouse

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[Photos via xoJane.]

The one and only Courtney Love is suddenly in the middle of an eviction fight at 250 West 10th Street, her pricey townhouse rental. The home's owner, Donna Lyon, says Love is $54,000 behind on her rent, set one of the curtains on fire, and has inflicted damask wallpaper, ice-blue paint, and other horrors on the decorating done by previous homeowner and interior designer Steven Gambrel. Happily for our Courtney Love-obsessed hearts, xoJane got a tour of the place from Love herself, giving us a glimpse of how she redecorated. We borrowed a few shots for the gallery above; click through for a few more, plus Love's explanation of her decor.
As for her landlord's claim that she's behind on rent, Love tells the Post it's incorrect: "I haven't fallen behind on the rent," Love says. "I have been paying month to month as agreed. My rent is current, but the owner is now asking for the remaining two months' upfront." Love also says she asked permission to repaint and used a painter approved by her landlord. Love tells the Post she'd even be happy to pay the remaining two months' rent?if Lyon will extend her lease by another six months. Somehow we don't see that happening.
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250 West 10th Street

250 West 10th Street, New York, NY