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And Here's the Laureate's Inevitable Penthouse Combo, Asking $22M

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We know that the Laureate,Upper West Side's Westchester fantasy, has a thing for marketing plenty of penthouses, so it was just a matter of time before somebody decided to market an epic combo. And here it is, the 7,185 square foot behemoth stacks together penthouse 4C and 3C for a whopping $22,674,000 ask. Think this strategy will work? If you can't sell a bunch of penthouses, combine some and market them as super-penthouses? Sure worth a try, we suppose. It would sure take a mighty clan to fill up the 10 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms. But hey, if it gets too crowded indoors, there's always the 2,600 square foot terrace.
· Listing: 2150 Broadway PH 4C/3C [BHS]
· The Laureate Coverage [Curbed]

The Laureate

2150 broadway, New York, NY