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Shockingly Good Views from Murray Hill "Made It" Apartment

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This just-listed unit in the Corinthian, an architecturally unremarkable building at 330 East 38th Street in the heart of Murray Hill, somehow has the broker crowing about the "I made it in New York" feeling. The place has just the one bedroom, dusty floors, and a bachelor pad vibe with cheap black leather furniture and red accents. There's even a tacky fish tank and zebra print wall art! So what makes this $1.1M apartment so damn special? The views from the 39th floor, which have provided fodder for someone's burgeoning photographic talent. The listing opens with a dramatic shot of a bolt of lightning striking a distant building, but we have to fear that, at this price and with this staging, lightning will have to strike twice to get this place sold.
· 330 East 38th Street #39A [Streeteasy]