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Puck Building Penthouse Plan Finally Gets LPC Approval

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[Images courtesy PKSB Architects.]

The Puck Building's last appearance before the Landmarks Preservation Commission went well: the team from Kushner Properties and PKSB Architects finally appeared close to approval for their mega-penthouse. The developer and architects returned today and got good news: the penthouse plan has finally been approved (and unanimously). The architects passed along the latest version of the plan?seen in the gallery above?which includes more metal up top, rather than the all-brick incarnations previously brought before the LPC. The penthouse is also about 20 feet shorter and 1,500 square feet smaller than the original version, the Times explains, and thus less visible from below. We have to admire your perseverance, Puck Building.
The commissioners did not rest after their gazillionth consideration of the Puck penthouse. Instead, they named five new landmarks! The honorees are: Public School 102 on City Island, the Daniel and Abbie B. Eldridge House in Richmond Hill, Queens, the Mutual Reserve Building at 305 Broadway, the Hotel Wolcott at 4 West 31st Street, and the former R.H. Macy & Co. annex at 56 West 14th Street. What holiday slowdown?
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