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Pier 15 Officially Open to Everybody But Skateboarders

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The SHoP Architects-designed Pier 15 officially opened yesterday, so we headed down to take some pictures. It's pretty cool! The lower level houses two glass pavilions, one of which will become a restaurant and the other a maritime museum. The upper level features three arched grass lawns, lots of things to sit on, and a very nice view out over the East River. According to a statement from an Economic Development Corporation spokeswoman, the benches have been skateboard-proofed with L-shaped pieces of metal, so those damn kids with their ollies and grinds and rapping music won't be a concern.
The pier is the second part of the City's $167 million East River waterfront project to open to public. The first part opened in June.
?Jeremiah Budin
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Pier 15

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