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The As-Yet-Unbuilt Most Expensive Townhouse in Cobble Hill

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Fewer than three weeks after announcing plans—then uncertified by the Landmarks Preservation people—to build three new townhouses on Strong Place in Cobble Hill, Brennan Realty Services has brought the unbuilt houses to market. The largest, on the corner of Kane Street at 2 Strong Place, will measure in at 4,927-square-feet and contain five bedrooms spread over four stories of brick construction. Out back, beyond the walled garden, will sit a "carriage house," an 800-square-foot garage and studio. With the way neighborhood buyers have been gobbling up new construction, there's a very good chance that this place will sell based on the renderings and floor plan alone. That said, 2 Strong Place is preparing to set a single-family price record for the neighborhood if it sells for its $5.95M ask.

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