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Return to 1884 in This Stuffy Nine-Room Dakota Apartment

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The Dakota, thanks to events both famous and infamous, is one of the city's most recognizable and prestigious buildings, a mantle it has managed to carry nearly since its inception. We're fans of history here, but this apartment is taking things a bit far. Just thrust onto the market for $13.5M, the nine-room, four-bed unit enjoys direct Central Park views—unlike its more expensive competition—but the interior design here is something out of a Western saloon circa 1884, not a classic cosmopolitan building in New York. Still, there's no questioning the historic chops of the place. Where the apartment has been updated, the kitchen, the changes are tasteful and in keeping with the original design. The buyer had better be a fan of preservation too, because the maintenance is a hefty $8,900 per month.

· 1 West 72nd Street [BHS]
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The Dakota

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