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Holiday Handouts: Last-Minute Advice on Building Staff Tips

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We're well into the last-minute shopping phase of the holiday season, and that also means last-minute decisions about how much to tip your building staff this year. We've gone over some broad guidelines, but for those seeking more specific guidance, we've pulled out a few commenters' thoughts from this year's tipping advice thread (with no promises that following this advice will result in good service next year). Still have questions? Leave 'em in comments, and commenters, help a fellow distressed tipper out.

"We have 45 in staff... I spend more money on the building staff than my entire family... $50 a person, $100 for super."?anon

"Separate check to each. They never divide it evenly. I read 1/2 a month maintinece is the correct number. Crazy!"?anon
"I tip because a staff does extra to help me. I tip right on the spot and don't wait until Christmas. I won't tip because it is Christmas and every one is tipping."?anon

"15-20 people on staff in my 500 unit building. nobody is getting more than $10 from me. after much research and asking around i've come to the conclusion that not as many people as you would think actually tip so giving anything is better than giving nothing. no silly blogs are going to guilt me into giving more."?anon

So are fewer people giving, or giving less? We took a peek at the latest results from Brick Underground's holiday tipping poll for ballpark numbers. It appears the largest block of owners in doorman buildings?26 percent?plans to tip $250 to $500, total, to building staff. In non-doorman buildings, 61 percent of owners plan to tip less than $250. In doorman buildings, 38 percent of renters plan to tip between $250 and $500. In non-doorman buildings, 63 percent of renters plan to tip less than $250.

Happy tipping, friends.
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