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A Modest One-Bedroom in Building that Pioneered Beekman

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These days, the petite Manhattan neighborhood of Beekman Place, stretching east from First Avenue between 48th and 53rd, is best known for housing a good portion of the city's blue blood types, ensconced in the area's multitude of stately pre-wars. But, back before the war, before those buildings were constructed, this area was home to slums and coal yards. The Beekman Terrace building, a six-story design by Trainor and Fatio that once stretched down to the river, was one of the first luxury buildings to begin gentrification in this area. Now, the apartments here enjoy a spacious garden and a well-kept gated courtyard entry. This small one-bedroom, accessed directly from that courtyard, enjoys the ultimate in quiet and is asking only slightly more, $645K, than the $600K the entire building cost to build back in 1925. Certainly not designed for the home chef, this place would be more appropriate for someone looking to walk to Le Perigord.
· 455 East 51st Street [BHS]