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Courtney Love Defends West Village Townhouse Decor

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A few cans of blue paint and some damask wallpaper landed Courtney Love in trouble with her landlord, who wants to evict her over the redecorating she did at 250 West 10th Street, previously owned and designed by Steven Gambrel. (Sure, there was also a little matter of $54,000 in back rent, but Love insists that's paid up.) The case is making its way through the courts?Love's lawyer recently asked a judge to drop the eviction case?but in the meantime, Love is doing what she does best: taking to the Internet to defend herself! She writes an entry for xoJane explaining her side of the story:

Steven Gambrel, the decorator who did this house before I moved in, taught me it’s the brand "Fine Paints of Europe" (not Farrel & Ball) satin, applied in 7 coats, NO ROLLER! Which is what I had done. It is the most astonishing, cool, peculiar shade of blue -- a color I utterly love. Steven had zero issue with my paint job. In fact he was shocked the owner thought that this other green paint (which was almost black) would sell the house. In any case, if this is about selling the place, there has been precisely one seriously interested inquiry into buying the house.
For a little while, Love thought she might be the buyer, but that was before the owner questioned her taste:

I assumed I might purchase it, if I liked the vibe. It's pretty spend-y, but there's a police precinct on this street which is great. Having a landlady tell you your Prelle, $2.000-a-yard fabric used in Jean Patou’s Parisian apartment or your Majorelle, Ruhlman, Regency furniture is "destructive" is totally weird. My taste is artful and femme, but it's excellent. I'm 47, have bought and sold 14 houses (16 if you count Washington) and love doing them nicely and tripling the price; it's just never been a question, so this whole experience is weird as heck. Given that her time in the Village seems to be drawing to a close, where will Love go next? She tells xoJane she's still wishing for Milla Jovovich's townhouse but is actually thinking about moving to Soho. Time for another housing hunt! Any recommendations, folks?
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250 West 10th Street

250 West 10th Street, New York, NY