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Edge Penthouse Tries 44 Percent PriceUpper to $2.865M

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'Tis the era of over $2 million sales at the Edge. So we knew it was only a matter of time before other Edge units tried some aspirational PriceUpping. And here we go! A tipster points out #PH3BS, which?after a listing and delisting at $2.506 million in 2008 and 2009?came back on the market this May for $1.995 million. Then, earlier this month, it was PriceUpped to $2.865 million, a whopping 44 percent jump. The ask is now $1,451/square foot, compared to a recorded sales average for the building of $824/square foot. We do have to admire that.
UPDATE: A commenter points out that the floorplan doesn't match the listing description. The Edge website has no floorplan available for PH3BS. Anyone got one? Send it to the tipline. Thanks! The correct floor plan is below.

· Listing: 22 N 6 St. [MNS]
· 22 N 6th Street #PH3BS [StreetEasy]
· The Edge coverage [Curbed]

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