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A Novogratz'ed Townhome on Nolita's Former "Gun Row"

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Back when the Police Building was, well, a police building instead of downtown's "most lavish pre-war," the adjacent Centre Market Place was home to a veritable gun district, anchored by the famous, and sole-remaining, John Jovino Gun Shop, which has since moved around the corner to Grand Street. The designy developer duo of Bob and Cortney Novogratz tackled five of the block's townhouses, including 1 Centre Market Place, in the mid-aughts, gutting and renovating the row to their taste. Now, No. 1 is up for sale again with an asking price of $7.5M, which actually sounds sort of reasonable for the neighborhood until you consider the fact that the kitchen is windowless—yes, there're skylights—and there's no backyard. A rooftop terrace helps with the outdoor space, but we also have to say, the interiors, with their beige color scheme, are not really up to the usual Novogratz standard. By the numbers, this place has five bedrooms—though only four on the floor plan—and five bathrooms.

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