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2011 NYC Worst Slumlord/Building Awards Announced

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The holiday season is always useful for highlighting the malfeasance of heartless individuals against their fellow man?Charles Dickens wrote "A Christmas Carol" about Ebenezer Scrooge, not "Summer Bank Holiday Serenade". So help celebrate the release of Public Advocate Bill de Blasio's 2011 NYC's Worst Landlords Watchlist, and rekindle some (if any) of that populist indignation felt during OWS protests and direct it towards the old standby targets: slumlords. The database contains 358 buildings owned by 317 separate landlords, according to the Daily News, and breaks down the worst offenders by criteria like borough, landlord, and building.

Holding the unenviable top spot on De Blasio's 50 Worst Landlords list is 1071 Home Corp, which racked up 1,187 infractions spread over eight separate properties. To be fair, that's just over 148 violations per building (4.5 violations per unit). Ende Associates LLC managed to accrue 458 violations at 41-45 Elliot Place in the Bronx, with 69 units (6.6 violations per unit). The three unit building at 1246 Union Ave. in Brooklyn, on the other hand, was dinged with 225 violations, or 75 violations per unit. That has to be hard to live with, for landlord and tenant.

This is De Blasio's third annual list of the city's worst landlord offenders, and the list found a home on its own site in 2010. The Public Advocate says that his goal in publishing the list is to shame landlords into improving building conditions for tenants.

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