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Checking In on Closing Prices at Tribeca Sellout Skylofts

Tribeca's 145 Hudson Street, aka Skylofts, finally sold out in June after some PriceChoppage in the building's second phase of sales. We noticed one of those sales hit public record this week, which seemed like a good enough reason to look back at the stats for the building's recent closings. The average recorded sale price thus far has been $2,105/square foot, which compares favorably to the average listing price of $2,050/square foot. The deepest discount given in 2011 was only 3.6 percent off ask, for the $6.75 million unit 7A, and the $7.433 million unit 9A sold for 1.8 percent above ask. Not bad!

Meanwhile, that $12.95 million renovation and resale attempt is still on the market, and we're waiting for that mind-blowing $45 million penthouse?the ask translates to an equally mind-blowing $6,005/square foot?to return sometime next year.

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