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A Tiki Bar Hides Behind Polished Wood in This Flatiron Loft

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At first glance this place looks like your typical (read: typically awesome) Flatiron loft, with 2,500-square-feet, three exposures, 16 enormous windows, and 11-foot windows. Still, there's something a little off about this place, in a good way. For one, there's the cantilevered kitchen island, next there's just one bedroom in all that space, and finally there's a taste for some particularly quirky art, including a reminder to bundle up. But the most remarkable thing about this sprawling 17th Street spread is the wall of polished wood built-ins that line the den. The far end conceals a murphy bed for guests while the near side covers a colorful Tiki-style bar complete with floral prints, coral-colored bar top, and a collection of tiny photographs. A far cry from the ordinary loft, but worth the $3.4M price tag? We sort of think so.
· 42 West 17th Street [Streeteasy]