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Seeking Tavern on the Green Replacement; Seaport Ship Sails

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CENTRAL PARK?Have you, like Donald Trump, had your eye on Tavern on the Green? If yes, the city released a request for proposals today for a "high-quality casual restaurant and outdoor cafe" in the Tavern on the Green building. A bit more specifically, Parks & Recreation "envisions a casual restaurant, outdoor café, and bar that will honor the original design intent of the Olmsted and Vaux park plan and exist in harmony with its naturalistic park setting." Eater has a few more deets; proposals are due by March 30. [CurbedWire Inbox]

SEAPORT?A tipster writes in, "The Ambrose Light Ship just got towed out of the South street seaport, and is moving VERY slowly down the river. Did the museum sell it?" We know only about the potential deal to move the merchant ship Peking to Germany. Anyone have intel about the Ambrose Light Ship? [CurbedWire Inbox]