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Sterile Space Atop Former Monkey Town Returns to Market

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When the trippy performance space/restaurant Monkey Town closed back in 2010 to make way for these rentals, critics crowed that it was yet another case of gentrification in that still-then-hipster neighborhood of Williamsburg. The appointment of the ever-underwhelming Philip Toscano as lead architect didn't exactly inspire confidence in the end product (unless you like brick oddities), but low and behold the four-unit building is actually weirdly cool on the outside, with rusted steel beams and a relatively untouched street level lending the place a bohemian feel. Until you peek inside, where floor to ceiling glass makes for a sleek, white-box condo sort of look. Unfortunately, the prices are straight trustafarian by neighborhood standards. When this two-bedroom returned to market after its first lease last month, it first asked $4,200 a month. It's been chopped down to the original $4,000 per month for prospective January renters.

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