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Fresh Renderings Unveiled for Helmut Jahn's 50 West Street

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The Helmut Jahn-designed hotel/condo at 50 West Street showed some tentative signs of life this summer with the issuing of a permit for the building. Developer Time Equities told us at the time that the project was still in "pre-development" and that the permit filing was just an administrative move. But the folks at Wired New York dug up a few more renderings of the project, including what appear to be some interior images from the Time Equities website. A sign that we'll see more life in this project in 2012?
An artist's renderings of the building's plaza and an apartment interior:

And a render of the skyline that includes 50 West:

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Helmut Jahn

50 West Street, New York, NY

50 West Street

50 West Street, New York, NY 10280